React Studio changelog

2021-11-05 Version 1.8.14 (426)

Download build 426 here

  • Added list/grid element 'show head only when the list is empty' option

2021-10-19 Version 1.8.13 (425)

Download build 425 here

  • Camera.plugin Context object fix
  • Fixed Screen/Component props writing in exported apps
  • Firebase plugins Context object fix
  • Firebase plugins default installation

2021-10-08 Version 1.8.12 (424)

Download build 424 here

  • Fixed Screen's Data Source code generation to work with Context object

2021-10-07 Version 1.8.11 (423)

Download build 423 here

  • Fixed error with custom Screen code templates and context object

2021-10-06 Version 1.8.10 (422)

Download build 422 here

  • Screen multi Data Source
  • Fixed Selector element item width export
  • Fixed crashes related to deleting localization key column
  • Fixed project block tags
  • Fixed plugin dataslot-picker dataSlotId property
  • Xano plugins: implemented dataSlotId
  • Fixed Checkbox default interaction in old projects
  • datasource-picker for plugin inspector
  • XanoSignup.plugin: added data slots to property source selectors
  • Fixed List/Grid element width calculation when preview has less items than columns
  • Added ScreenContext, screens now use context instead of props
  • Fixed Project Map preview popup sizes
  • Added more delay before showing Project Map block previews
  • Fixed hanging drop indicator after canceling new element drag
  • Fixed text element from being left hanging on the screen after undoing it
  • Fixed Canvas/Project Map overlay floaters to move properly with the window splitters
  • Removed button "focus shadow" as requested by users
  • Xano plugins: props -> context fix
  • Fixed list items' overlapping keys issue when not having Data Sheet as a data source
  • Fixed shape type inspector
  • Fixed Grid Spacer init, track wasn't movable in element list
  • Fixed a project loading issue
  • Fixed code generation for Login Gate as first launch target + switch as the gate's login success target combination
  • Xano.plugin: fixed writing of user id Data Slot not to cause error
  • Fixed 'predefined values' picker to generate key values to prevent runtime warning
  • Fixed Screen creation related runtime warning
  • Added getDataSheetColumns and nameForDataSheetById plugin methods
  • Fixed refreshUI plugin method to refresh inspector properly
  • Increased textinput plugin control label width
  • Xano.plugin: fixed user id to be stored as string always
  • Attempt to fix missing localization keys
  • Fixed Expanding Text line height export in desktop projects
  • props -> context replacement and warning
  • Fixed Kiosk Web App size fields in Welcome window
  • Fixed automatic Grid Spacer to follow layout flow properly
  • Xano.plugin: fixed Localization Sheet referencing
  • XanoSignup.plugin: fixed login after signup (changed sessionStorage references to localStorage)
  • Nav Bar title localization key
  • Question and message popup interactions

2021-05-20 Version 1.8.9 (418)

Download build 418 here

  • Make toolbar buttons finish text editing inside window
  • Fixed missing localization keys when duplicating Project Map blocks
  • Fix too much margin in Project Map when opening project
  • Xano.plugin: paging
  • Added "scrolled to end" interaction for list element
  • XanoSignup.plugin: changed field names editable and increased count to 6
  • Additional check for layout flow calculations
  • Image element: shadow and corner radius support
  • Render corner radius for images in preview
  • Interaction chain improvements: scrolling, increased max count, move left/right actions, highlight added item
  • Fixed data slot and sheet init order bug with web services

2021-04-30 Version 1.8.8 (417)

Download build 417 here

  • Larger font size for blueprint preview mode
  • Fixed element plugin initialization when adding to foreground
  • Added 'clear data sheet' and 'clear and refresh data sheet' interactions
  • Fixed wrong element positions when using 'make component' quick action
  • Fixed editable elements' data linkage + state value bug
  • Fixed editable elements' value code
  • Fixed validator element to work with changed editable elements' value code
  • Canvas snapping improvements
  • Xano.plugin: changed custom send data action's body setting implementation to use string templates
  • Fixed text field color bug
  • Added text field "floating label" option
  • Changed text field to use UI framework style by default
  • Xano.plugin: auto-login
  • Xano.plugin: loading indicator support
  • Fixed plugin inspector bug which caused values not to be saved always

2021-04-23 Version 1.8.7 (416)

Download build 416 here

  • Fixed non-visible Project Map connection lines in circular connections
  • Fixed Columns element spacing settings
  • Removed 'Component pack' from the Welcome screen
  • Fixed data sheet loading from web service to make better guesses of the column types
  • Fixed text elements not to crash with non-string values in exported projects
  • Added Localization sheet clean up action
  • Fixed Switch related Project Map link issue
  • Implemented data plugin "multiple instances" check
  • Alphabetical ordering of data sheets in editor
  • Fixed some data sheet editor usability issues
  • Fixed Plugin Wizard template source files
  • Predefined type setting for Picker element
  • Added support for animation plugins
  • Added Bounce default animation plugin
  • Enabled all interactions for Checkbox element
  • Text area element value fix
  • Text field + Checkbox elements data linkage fix
  • Fixes to input elements' value/data linkage implementation
  • Fixed send data -> data sheet -interaction to handle missing clips
  • Writing explicit 'line-height' value for Expanding text element in export
  • Added desktop project type
  • Xano + Generic JSON plugins: added send data -> plugin -interaction
  • UI framework plugin support for text field and text area elements
  • Fixed data collection when multiple states

2021-02-26 Version 1.8.6 (415)

Download build 415 here

  • Fixed copied plugin elements to initialize properly
  • Removed mock data button for localization sheet
  • Fixed loading opacity value of image and graphic elements
  • Added file name to image element inspector info box
  • Implemented automatic grid spacer dialog to work with project map block's nav bar setting
  • Widened automatic grid spacer to match the width of the base screen format
  • Implemented text transform setting for text elements

2021-02-22 Version 1.8.5 (414)

Download build 414 here

  • Fixing data sheet key initialization code in exported apps
  • Fixed send data to data sheet interaction's data source selection popup
  • Fixed overlapping of Connect to Xano -button and data sheet selectors in Data-tab
  • Added reset password button to Xano login window
  • Fixed Picker element preview crash

2021-02-16 Version 1.8.4 (413)

Download build 413 here

  • New editing canvas rendering engine
  • Fixed Send data -interaction's target selector UI issue in Big Sur
  • Added export validation for component width
  • Component preview fixes
  • Fixed location of canvas resizing control for components
  • Fixed 'npm start' in exported projects to work in Windows
  • Fixed 'Perform action' interaction's button UI crop bug in Big Sur
  • Fixed data sheet loading when updating a linked data slot not to empty the sheet
  • Fixed data sheet key setup
  • Fixed Drawer z-order issue when placed inside a component
  • Added warning dialogue to Sketch transferring
  • Fixed user ordering of data sheet editor columns
  • Fixed Columns element weight count issue
  • Fixes List element's head and tail settings
  • Fixed Drawer Go to -interactions with carried properties

2020-12-23 Version 1.7.39 (409)

Download build 409 here

  • Xano integration (see Data tab -> Connect to Xano)
  • react-datepicker implementation for Date picker element
  • Change Date picker element to use string as data linkage format
  • NPM template wizard (see Plugins -> Create New Plugin... -> Type: Component (wrapping NPM package))
  • Component and web service plugin templates
  • Removed exporting default text and image values for data linked elements
  • Increased size of Data sheet Service path field + added Data slot quick tool
  • Fixed zooming in when editing text fields in iOS + added User zooming -setting (see App Settings -block)
  • Added 'Edit plugin' button to element plugin inspector
  • Removed screens from list item component UI selector

2020-11-10 Version 1.7.35 (404)

Download build 404 here

  • Added underscore back to allowed characters list in exported variable name/ID parsing

2020-11-09 Version 1.7.34 (403)

Download build 403 here

  • Added trace output view to Plugin editor
  • Fixed Columns element component selection resetting issue when reloading plugins
  • Fixed Swapper element loading issue

2020-11-04 Version 1.7.33 (402)

Download build 402 here

  • Fixed a state deleting bug which caused inability to create new elements to the screen/component anymore
  • Fixed unintentional scale factor in 'Fixed screen' blocks
  • Added 'React' import to exported data sheet files
  • Fixed Plugin/Script editor display update bug when changing editor content
  • Fixed Plugin/Script editor undo history "leaking" bug
  • Added export duration timer to Export window
  • Fixed animation @KEYFRAMES replacing bug
  • Fixed property drag'n'drop to work with foreground/background elements too
  • Added element name to property drag'n'drop selection dialog
  • Added warning dialog about deleting script when changing interaction type
  • Implemented 'label' property for picker inspector elements in plugins
  • Added getContentSizeInWebPixels and setContentSizeInWebPixels plugin functions
  • Fixed Columns element state script name overlap bug
  • Fixed grid/list element CSS selector leakage
  • Columns element 'expand height' setting
  • Added check for missing image sources in export
  • Columns element column shrinking fix
  • Implemented explicit CSS selectors for Columns element
  • Non-latin character support for element names, etc.
  • Fixed Columns element margins
  • Fixed a memory leak in preview rendering
  • Fixed smaller memory leaks
  • Columns element height fix
  • Enabled Run Script interaction for checkbox
  • Write Run Script interaction for picker, plugins, text area and text field
  • Add missing copy implementation for horizontal/vertical spacing values in List/Grid element
  • Fixed interaction scripts not to generate overlapping function names when having multiple component states
  • Implemented scripts for plugin interactions
  • Fixed 'Value Change' interaction script variable name overlapping issue
  • Added exception catching to prevent crashes in plugin install
  • Added implementation for Nested component property value transformer scripts
  • Fixed min-width CSS property not to be generated for Selector target components
  • GenericJSON_ReactStudio.plugin: fixed data sheet update interval persistence implementation

2020-10-16 Version 1.7.21 (390)

Download build 390 here

  • Width and height data linkages for graphic elements
  • Added 'Don't Open Project' option to "missing font" warning dialog
  • Removed components from Login Gate "when unlocked..." targets
  • Fixed conflicting route names check
  • Increased height of the scripted Web Service inspector box
  • Fixed screen specific property creation in copied screens
  • Fixed data linkage update in inspector UI
  • Send data -interaction mode selector
  • Save shortcut for Plugin editor
  • Fixed Go to -interaction route parameters value passing implementation
  • Plugin Data Slot picker search field + 'Create new' -option
  • Fixed animation property bug with unintentionally shared string objects
  • Updated export template + fixed some compile warnings
  • Screen name support for non-latin characters
  • Disabled log messages when saving in Plugin Editor
  • Added plain path property import support for Web Services
  • Fixed Button localization preview

2020-08-24 Version 1.7.18 (387)

Download build 387 here

  • Data Sheet Editor rows fetched from a Web Service limited to 20
  • Fixed Routing parameters -> data slots implementation
  • Fixed Screen nav bar preview rendering issues
  • Text field alignment implementation
  • Fixed lingering groupless list element that caused circular nesting crash in a test project
  • Fixed Validator clip not to write validation code for deleted targets
  • Fixed multiple definition of style properties in Rectangle element's generated code when corner radius and fill color property linkage are enabled
  • Fixed Canvas name size in external displays
  • Fixed Switch as first launch target code generation
  • Fixed Horizontal list item spacing not working in all formats issue
  • Save key shortcut for Script editor
  • Fixed infinite loop bug with circularly connected Screen/Component blocks

2020-06-29 Version 1.7.17 (385)

Download build 385 here

  • Fixed property linkage popup menus to recover selected value when using the search field
  • Custom interaction support for web service plugins
  • Implemented clear text interaction for text field/area
  • Fixed crash with screen data linking

2020-06-17 Version 1.7.16 (384)

Download build 384 here

  • Fixed list element preview when items have 'Take height from layout flow' enabled and items have varying heights
  • Fixed react-router code generation issue with Switch block
  • Fixed react-router issue with Go to -interaction
  • Removed unnecessary warning shown for disabled interactions

2020-06-15 Version 1.7.15 (383)

Download build 383 here

  • Data sheet persistence setting
  • Fixed data sheet query editor to update query field properly
  • Tweaked editing canvas component properties display
  • Added title text for list element Nested Comp inspector
  • Tweaked grid/list element data sheet row access implementation
  • Project Map pinch zoom
  • Fixed editing canvas component properties display update properly when using Make component/list quick tools
  • Fixed Make list quick tool to create proper list element
  • Removed componentWillReceiveProps from generated code
  • Project view modes: map, thumbnails, tree
  • Project block search field
  • Implemented list element filter script to Script Editor
  • Script editor now opens template of the edited screen/component
  • react-router implementation
  • Changed boxShadow to filter: drop-shadow
  • Image blur working now runtime too
  • Fixed project map help text positioning bug + component pack related bug
  • Canvas property linkage box hide/show button
  • Added additional data linkage related check to editing canvas text editor
  • Clear item component states interaction for list/grid element
  • Added check to drawer menu code generation to prevent crash
  • Validation of target blocks in element interactions
  • Authentication settings for screens
  • Fixed validation of columns element components
  • Added writeReactWebCodeForLoginStatus method for web service plugins
  • Changed feedback menu link to point to the forum
  • Routing settings for screens
  • 404 page setting
  • Fixed sendData interaction to work properly with multiple states
  • Added getReactWebHtmlHeadElements support for component plugins
  • Fixed missing nested comps
  • Changed plugin render method code to be checked if it's similar across instances and not to be written multiple times
  • Fixed validator element requiredTargets bug
  • Go to -interaction route parameter settings
  • Removed irrelevant interactions from list element
  • Fixed data sheet 'don't export placeholder data' setting

2020-06-03 Version 1.7.14 (379)

Download build 379 here

  • Fixed nesting loop checks causing infinite loops
  • Fixed validator clip corruption issue

2020-04-20 Version 1.7.12 (375)

Download build 375 here

  • Fixed data linkage related export error
  • Fixed Selector element code generation when Selected Item data linkage is not used
  • Fixed Hot reload checkbox in Dev server window

2020-04-17 Version 1.7.11 (374)

  • Component/screen specific properties + drag'n'drop linking
  • Component properties context menu (edit, delete)
  • Dev Server and JavaScript editor menu items + fixed compile issues
  • Go to screen -snippet to Script editor
  • Save data interaction property linkage update
  • Grid/list element property linking support
  • Canvas property drag'n'drop actions now update data linkage inspector values
  • Element visibility data linkage now works with non-string values too ("true", true, 1)
  • Fixed data sheets using web service and lazy loading work as screen data sources
  • Localization key selector search field
  • Fixed button text data linkage script support
  • Fixed Switch block to access data slots more reliably
  • Fixed script editor to work with Switch block
  • Added cloud syncing warning dialog
  • Fixed Selector element work with data slot linkage

2020-03-18 Version 1.7.10 (373)

  • Fixed Project Map background translucency effect
  • Script editor project explorer pane
  • Script editor 'Add snippet' button
  • Fixed Project Map bounds issue in just opened projects
  • Fixed Project Map component list visibility issue
  • Fixed Validator element to work with non-string values
  • Data runtime linkage popup search field
  • Fixed empty localization keys in elements not to get assigned when adding new rows to Localization sheet
  • Add background to screens by default
  • Localization key drop-down menu
  • Web content element Source URL linkage

2020-02-20 Version 1.7.9 (372)

  • Fixed Component's background element not to set minimum height in exported app if 'Take height from layout flow' setting is enabled
  • Fixed 'Open in browser' to work with multiple projects when 'Hot reload' is enabled
  • Set default Grid unit sizes to 10px for all screen formats
  • Fixed text field/area to work with 'Text' data linkage's value transform script
  • App wide color settings for Card element
  • Made zero size elements visible in design canvas
  • Fixed static text elements to work with Save data... -> Data sheet -interaction
  • Fixed custom project template not to be written if the path is empty
  • Project loading and exporting optimizations
  • Fixed Columns element exporting error when using same data sheet row linkage in multiple instances
  • Fixed Columns elements not to point to same nesting context object after copying
  • Fixed Columns element sheet row value in Inspector
  • Fixed text field/area not to write 'Change' interaction code when it's disabled
  • Fixed Localization sheet to work with Web service -plugins
  • Fixed Data sheets to be able to set Web service back to 'None'
  • Changed text field/area to keep up with changes with a linked data slot if it's also chosen as a target for Save data... -interaction

2020-02-11 Version 1.7.8 (370)

  • Enabled access to global data slots table for Generic JSON plugin
  • Added 'Prevent user interactions from going through' setting for Nested Component element
  • Fixed Columns element Nested Comp validation
  • Fixed Open in Web Browser to open right browser when Hot reload is enabled

2020-02-06 Version 1.7.7 (369)

Read a blog post about the update 1.7.7

  • Screen/component name is now shown in the top left corner of the editing canvas
  • Fixed copy&paste implementations
  • Rectangle element fill and stroke color data linkages
  • Fixed creating Data Slot from property linkage selector to create proper linkage
  • Project Map Block copy/cut/paste actions (supports copying Blocks between projects)
  • Fixing Component's preview + export when Scroll Flow based height setting is enabled
  • Fixed: whole Project Map was shown inside a Map Section when the editing canvas was present with Device Previews disabled
  • Some minor memory management fixes
  • Hot reload, i.e. 'npm start' is not restarted if it's already running in the project folder (setting is available in Dev Server window)
  • Changed Nested Component element to "catch" pointer events
  • Text horizontal padding tweak
  • Added few more export validation points (Login Gate and Nested Component)
  • Fixed crash when deleting Data Slot while editing its name
  • Fixed Component's Project Map connection line on Component creation
  • Added target object name to Script Editor window
  • Added save confirm dialog when changing content of Script Editor
  • Fixed Script Editor not to leave the editor to the "edited" state when closing
  • Project Map notes Map Section support
  • Stroke and fill color data linkages are now available for rectangles only
  • Removed Select/Delete Shape Points canvas tools
  • Card element background color data linkage
  • Updated Node.js to version 12.15.0
  • Added default appActions property for data sheets using web service plugin

2020-01-17 Version 1.7.6 (368)

  • Element Cut-action
  • Disabled user-select in PWA
  • Files in subfolders are now copied from custom project template to exported project (allows having stuff in e.g. public and src folders in the project template)
  • Drawer right edge position setting
  • Drawer Project Map connection line
  • Tweaked Drawer Project Map block
  • Removed drawers from editing canvas component list
  • Fixed dragging of "uninitialized" Component in Project Map
  • Disabled plugin inspector multiline text's automatic quote substitution
  • UI framework support for Drawer
  • Fixed crash with Selector element when changing item count while editing item text fields
  • Drawer display state settings
  • Fixed horizontal list exporting when placed in foreground
  • Fixed horizontal list margins
  • Removed trailing empty space in horizontal lists
  • Web service custom inspector UI for login
  • DummyLoginService default plugin

2019-12-20 Version 1.7.5 (367)

Read a blog post about the update 1.7.5

  • First version of Drawer block (still under development) (create a drawer block in Project Map, use Reveal/Hide interaction in some screen to show the drawer)
  • Fixed Web content element to allow pointer events
  • Fixed Component interactions (e.g. Delete entry)
  • Keyline grid unit offset saving bugfix
  • Fixed Screen state script not to trigger Component Code template warnings when saving
  • JavaScript Editor fixes and tweaks
  • Enabled scrolling of List/Grid element when placed in Foreground/Background Element Group
  • Implemented copying of elements between projects
  • Data Sheet Query Editor

2019-12-09 Version 1.7.4 (366)

Read a blog post about the update 1.7.4

  • Fixed crash when adding enough Data Sheets to a project that the UI changes to a popup button
  • Removed obsolete image transformation settings
  • Sticky Note related crash fix
  • Undo for Keylines
  • Question dialog to disable/enable Scroll Flow based height when adding/deleting elements in a component
  • Horizontal lists
  • Added data sheet selector to Make list -quicktool
  • Disabled number field scrubbing
  • Listening to NSFontSetChangedNotification and updating displayed fonts when the system's font set changes
  • Fixed component height when Scroll Flow is empty
  • Fixed loading of empty nested elements
  • Added mock pictures
  • Changed random 0 to 100 mock data to use integers instead of floats
  • List/Grid settings with Vertical/Horiz/Grid buttons
  • Fixed List/Grid items array data linkage not to crash when using array of strings
  • Components to have Take height from layout flow -setting disabled by default

2019-11-14 Version 1.7.3 (365)

  • Fixed 'Back to previous' canvas quicktool for components
  • Redirect npm cache to private dir
  • Fixed inspector reseting to 'app settings' when going between components
  • Tweaking Device Preview labels
  • More logging for render tool errors
  • 'Fixed aspect ratio' setting for components
  • Added grid unit setting to app styles
  • Canvas grid and keylines snapping tools
  • New Grid Spacer element
  • Fixed dragging of elements in Elements list
  • Added grid unit offset to keylines
  • Nav bar height now specified in grid units
  • Prevented resizing of component if width/height locked
  • Fix for non-left text alignment rendering
  • Horizontally expanding text element content width calculation fix
  • Picker element 'Edit data sheet...' button
  • UI positioning tweak in text inspector
  • Custom component/screen code template ('Edit template' button above canvas)
  • Moved Vector shape layer settings to inspector's top-level
  • Fixed images not being updated from dynamic data
  • Fix device preview hiding
  • Improved project map sroll position when returning from canvas
  • Splitview fixes
  • Component editing by double-click in elements list
  • Fixed memory issue with zero size component rendering
  • Added dataSheetRow options to Send Data to Data Sheet interaction
  • Fixed canvas property list rendering crash

2019-10-15 Version 1.7.2 (364)

  • Fixed Picker element code generation warning
  • Fixed List/Grid element layout issue when having different column counts for different screen sizes
  • Encode launchImages separately in project file
  • Warning dialog when trying to change runtime linked text elements
  • Fixed text elements not to allow smaller height than a single text line
  • Added render tool launch logging
  • macOS Catalina signing fixes

2019-09-27 Version 1.7.1 (363)

  • Save dialog to script/plugin code editor when closing
  • Fixed Selector 'Selected Item' data linkage
  • Fixed Picker to show proper initial empty value
  • Fixed cut-off Interaction Sequence UI
  • Added data slots to Editing Canvas Property Linkage tool
  • Lazy loading -setting for data sheets
  • Fixed Validator element related build errors
  • Changed Data plugin setup -window's settings background color
  • Changed Scroll Flow in Components to be called Expanding Flow
  • Added missing ',' to code generation of 'Items Array' data linkage
  • Fixed large images being written into RS component presenter's defaultPropertyValues
  • Project Map: when empty selection, show App Settings instead
  • Fixed Button 'Target URL' linkage to work properly with data slots

2019-09-05 Version 1.7.0 (362)

Read a blog post about the update 1.7.0

  • Fixed render crash when using UI framework plugin controlled button in list/grid
  • Implemented writing of plugin Send Data interaction imports
  • Added valueAccessForDataSheetOptionsByName method for plugins
  • Validator element
  • Fixed pointer events of overlapping Scroll Flow elements
  • Fixed Localization Key copying
  • Fixed preview of changing element visibility setting

2019-08-15 Version 1.6.2 (361)

  • Fixed Plugin Store Log Out action
  • Fixed issues with 'FauxAir Checkin' template project: button's data-linked 'enabled' state didn't work correctly, OpenSans font wasn't saved correctly.
  • Cosmetic improvements to exporting: card backgrounds are merged into comp's top div (rather than exported as separate elements), whitespace fixes, system fonts in main CSS
  • More debug logging
  • When a React component is edited in canvas, look for a data sheet that could provide placeholder values for the comp's props
  • PWA portrait and landscape orientation settings
  • Fix linkage of data sheet values from screen to a nested component
  • Working on UI framework plugins
  • Removed Add Scroll Trigger menu option from React Studio
  • Implemented Responsive Columns element spacing settings

2019-07-05 Version 1.6.2 (360)

  • Fixed graphics related memory leaks
  • Fixed gradient calculations
  • Debug log fixes and tweaks

2019-07-02 Version 1.6.2 (359)

  • Layout System was switched to use pixels everywhere in the UI
  • Fixed Screen 'dataSheetRow' linkage preview
  • Added Export Folder setting to App Settings block
  • Prevented Plugin live preview from entering nested rendering
  • Plugins with live preview: store cached image path for backup if renderer is not available
  • Fixed gradient layout calculations
  • Implemented Web Content element's Set web url -interaction
  • Removed Asset Folder settings from Web Content element
  • Added setting for enabling Service Worker to App Settings block to support Chrome PWA installation
  • Added 'copy debug log' in main menu

2019-06-14 Version 1.6.1 (358)

Read a blog post about the update 1.6.1

  • Fixed Checkbox Interaction exporting
  • Fixed data slot renaming not to validate name if it didn't change
  • Fixed editing of Embed content -element to apply changes if pressing e.g. Open in Browser while editing

2019-06-11 Version 1.6.1 (357)

  • Fixed First Launch Screen -setting work with Map Section unpacking
  • Updated Floating Action Button preview to match exported app
  • Added screen data sheet row data slot + script setting
  • New 'prerenderedContentRequest' + Plugin.getPrerenderedContent() API
  • Added missing 'select' type to plugin inspector UI definition types
  • Added Selector selected index data linkage
  • Fixed font display issue with external screens (i.e. low DPI)
  • Fixed button transparent border radius + button height
  • Added selected index target data slot setting for Selector
  • Fixed text field/area standard background setting
  • Fixed text area border color
  • Fixed textarea styling
  • Updated GenericJSON plugin
  • Added Render Tool Output window (in Developer menu)
  • Fixed pointer events going through the top-most screen
  • Fixed rendering scripted clip at zero size
  • Fixed missing Reveal/Hide interaction
  • Fixed loading of non-visual plugins
  • Added Visible property for components
  • Prevented non-visual elements from Scroll Flow
  • Added PWA launch images

2019-04-26 Version 1.6.0 (355)

Read a blog post about the update 1.6.0

  • Added Switch block
  • Added plain number setting for Text Field element
  • Fixed disappearing Component targets
  • Fixed Picker element date selection
  • Added label setting for Picker element
  • Added builtin Node.js 10.15.3
  • Updated create-react-app to latest version
  • Implemented Data slot persistence option
  • Moved create-react-app template cache to Application Support folder
  • Added missing 'browserslist' property in package.json
  • Fixed Nav Bar Back button positioning
  • Fixed pointer events of Text element HTML content option
  • Fixed Login Gate block related plugin imports
  • Fixed changing background color of the Nav Bar to update properly in Studio preview
  • Fixed Date Picker element not to write unncessary Select and Option imports
  • Fixed exporting of standard fonts

2019-03-27 Version 1.5.8 (354)

  • Added Placeholder text data linkage settings for Text input and Text area elements
  • Fixed copying between screens
  • Implemented date picker data linkage (selected date)
  • Implemented script for Screen state
  • Fixed validation of data sheet names not allowing multiple data sheets with same name anymore